It is always great to go into Dr. Newell's office and see a big smile on him and greeted by his staff. The atmosphere is pleasant and enjoyable. Dr. Newell is a great chiropractor and definitely knows his stuff. He cares and does what is best for his patients. I'd recommend him for people of all ages! Tip; there is a parking lot which definitely is a plus!                      Amanda C. San Francisco

I first came here in 2003 after a serious car accident left me with permanent hip damage. Dr. Newell, according to his credentials, was the most experienced Chiropractor in the area. I was referred to Dr. Newell by my medical doctor. He got me started with a plan for recovery and pointed me in the direction of a legal expert to help me with my insurance claim. After about 5 days I made a miraculous recovery after being told by multiple doctors that I'd never walk straight again. I now play basketball, football, and lift weights daily and though my hip isn't the same, no one else can tell, and I feel and walk perfect every day.                                               Myron J, Sacramento

I went to Dr. Newell and he was most friendliest person I've ever met in my life. and his prices are really fair. I'm really happy that there open on Saturdays.                                    Ada J. Woodland